Since its founding, Darkness RISING Project, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, has been embraced by a generous community who are committed to supporting access to mental health resources for the Black community. Your contribution makes a difference in enabling us to fulfill this goal. Every gift, no matter how large or small, counts!

TEAM $1000 for REBUILD in October!

Sign up to raise $1000 in October to support the work of REBUILD!
Launched in January 2022, REBUILD is a free service that connects formerly incarcerated individuals to a therapist of color.
We need to raise $250,000 to continue the work in 2024.

Everyone who signs up for Team $1000 for REBUILD will receive a fundraising toolkit, and will be entered into a raffle for a custom embroidery piece created by Mariame Kaba.

Please join us in Team $1000 for REBUILD!


Thanks to the generosity of the grantors listed above, and other charitable donors, Darkness RISING is able to sustain mental health programming and create art for vulnerable communities. In recognition of appreciation, Darkness RISING offers a wide variety of benefits with gratitude on behalf of the many community members who enjoy our workshops, resources, and shows with thanks to you.


Torch Bearers - $20K+

Rachael Bedard
Greg Dyer
Mariame Kaba

Pioneers - $10K+

Dmitri Cherniak
John Stephens

Champions - $5K+


Artemesia Fund
Bitsy Bentley
Chicago Freedom School
Madeline Carson
Allie Dufford
N. K. Jemisin
William Johnston
Meera Sethi
Jean Simons
Christine Wei
Angela Williams

Partners - $1K+


Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina Foundation
Glenn Aspenns
Ashley Baltes
Carol Black
Common Good Fund
Naomi Borowsky
Steffi Brock-Wilson
Natalie Chap
Natasha Chokhani
Daniela Chomba
Eleanor Collinson
Anna Cooper
Davey Davis
Mary Dent
Ruthie Epstein
Hannah Fishman
Alexandra Freidus
Jessica Hinman
Andrea James
Andrew Katz-Moses

 Piper Kerman
Ashlee Kirk
Grace Kozak
Blackbird Letterpress
Britta Love
Erica Meadow
Benjamin Merrick
Margaret Meyerhofer
Daniel Mintz
Kathryn Mosley
Carnegie Institute
Kathleen Pliska
Nichole Ramirez
Clare Rauch
Crystal Sanders
Adrian Sanders
Ryan Shanahan
Jessica Sporn
David Sunstrum
Lilly Wachowski

Advocates - $500+

Anthony Abel
Rebecca Ackermann
Lana Azar
Imade Borha
Tuesday P Brooks
Joy Clendenning
Sigmon Construction Inc
Lydia Davis
Tess Eisenberger
Lewis Fender
Nancy Foster
Sarah Haley
Jessica Hansin
Carolyn Harrison
Laura Hawks
Gwendolyn Holley
Stephanie Huang
Jessica Hunsdon
Tera Hunter
Laura Iskaros
Jessica Isom
Juli Kempner
Jonah and Amy Krischer
Corey Lieber

Annie Liu
Madeline Lumetta
Lawrence Marshall
Natalie McGarry
James Mindnich
Kate Mosley
Eva Nagao
Jason Oscar
Ranit Patel
Arrianna Marie Planey
Jared Radin
Ashley Ray
Sarah Ricord
Byron Ripley
Andrea Ritchie
Ashley Robinons
Alex Rogers
Mike Rollin
James Salwen
Elizabeth Sibley
Cristian Manuel Solano
Steven Thashser
Bao Tram Tran-Larson


Anna Beck
Kat Brady
Danielle Cohn
Diana DeGarmo
emily dennis
Tanuja Devi
Megan Fulmer
Marie Garlock
James Girardot
Alie B. Gorie
Chris Guin
Nikki Haug
Letitia Hicks
Anna Huffman
Crystal Le
Katrina Lenk
Arrianna Marie Planey
Michael McCorry

Samantha Meyer
Jess Mons
Anna Mullis
Lara Murphy
Christi Nickerson
Grace Patterson
Jennifer Petersen
Ryan Shanahan
Marquita Singleton
Maura Smale
Meagan Sway
Lili Torre
Abigail Velasco
Amy Wheeler
Drew Wutke
Clarissa Young
Sweet Saydi Beauty




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