During this time of uncertainty, mental health is a relevant concern. Unfortunately, for underserved communities—particularly the Black community—mental health concerns often go unaddressed or unacknowledged. Darkness RISING directly addresses this disparity by providing direct mental health resources to those in need.
Singers at Darkness RISING: Live

Led by Carlita Victoria, a mental health advocate, and a collective of Black artists from the Broadway community, Darkness RISING helps communities by using art as a vehicle and partnering with mental health providers and mental health educators to provide resources and workshops.

Darkness RISING features some of Broadway’s best: Angela Birchett (THE CLARK SISTERS MOVIE, THE COLOR PURPLE), Antoine L. Smith (MJ MUSICAL, MEMPHIS), Brennyn Lark (DREAMGIRLS WEST END, MARVELOUS MRS. MAISEL) and more.

Brennyn Lark and JoNathan Michael at Darkness RISING: Live
Darkness RISING plans to use the funding to build additional culturally-relevant programming to address mental health stigma and resources, create a social media mental health campaign for youth and young adults, provide in-school or virtual Music & Mental Health Workshops, and more.

About Darkness RISING Project: Darkness RISING Project is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to helping the Black community begin conversations with family, coworkers, and friends about their mental health and emotional well-being. Darkness RISING meets this need by partnering with mental health providers and/or mental health educators to create events, seminars, and sessions where the intersection between mental health education and the arts collide. Learn more: darknessrisingproject.org

Media Contact: Carlita Victoria, (929) 251-5121, [email protected]

Source: Darkness RISING Project: A Mental Health Awareness Nonprofit
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